Job Description

Role Description

The role of the Construction Manager (CM) is to safeguard all company and industry Safety and Quality procedures and best practices. It is vital that the CM demonstrate professionalism, efficiency, and equality as it relates to communicating and leading crews and assignments. CMs are designated Field Superintendents who spend the majority of their time in the field on sites supervising jobs to ensure crews are constructing safely, per plan, and identifying all out of scope items as well as staying within budget. The CM Reports to the Market Manager (MM).



  • Perform Pre-Construction walks, with or without Client CM, along with stamped plans, carrier RFDS, Construction Drawings (CDs) and the PM submitted bid form. Validate the scope, schedule, crew requirements, and materials. Ensure quantity and type of materials are accurate for job to meet the customer needs. Site access, Landlord request, specialty order items, permitting, and order equipment such as lifts, scaffolding, confined space gear, etc. Communicate closely with PM to determine schedule, creating AR Tickets, coordinate cutovers, and Methods of Procedure (MOPs) review.
  • Verify Client PO, Client NTP, Client OEM/BOM have been received. Additionally, verify hours and scope to be performed prior to Client NTP acceptance. Verify X3 NTP has been loaded in SAGE/ADP as necessary prior to scheduling jobs.
  • Weekly schedule creation and daily change requests verifying resources are prepared for start of project with the intent of keeping crews together, pre-planning jobs and notifying crews early and often of necessary changes. Be on site for first day of jobs whenever possible assisting foreman and team in deciphering Cx drawings and RFDS requirements against Equipment and BOM on site, letting PM know of all WA/CO requirements.
  • Each morning, CM is to verify Daily Reports (actual labor hours used are within budget), Pre-deliverables (Mechanical Down Tilts, RET Screen Shots, Azimuths, and Pre-photos) were submitted and in compliance. This includes the tracking of all troubleshooting and accurate accounting of all hours expended.
  • CM will ensure all timecards are submitted by 7am for the day prior. Timecards will be reviewed for accuracy between crewmen and correct job site ID was used. Timecards should be scrutinized that all OT was previously approved, and NO DT is logged.
  • CM will manage Warehouse Manager/Driver daily assignments to include: ordering approved BOMs at best price that are within budget and verified not to be in warehouse, maintaining an inventory for fast paced jobs, and always keeping an organized warehouse, scheduling pick-ups/deliveries of parts/equipment from suppliers to warehouse or sites, permit management, and asset tracking of all client issued equipment and materials as well as getting items returned as quickly as possible.
  • Visit sites daily providing feedback regarding:

O Job site binders – JHAs, JSAs, emergency action plans, and material lists

O Safety and quality audits to minimize safety violations and go-backs.

O Ensure all bid forms or POs are addressed and updated (redlined) throughout project in preparation for hand-off to PM for true-up submittal (identifying new lengths and change order needs).

O Pick up and deliver needed Home Depot material/items from warehouse when in route to assist crew and warehouse

O Escalation point for crews in the field requiring troubleshooting advice, and clarity of scope when PM is not available.

O Be available to assist crews with site integration support and testing when necessary

  • Make sure crews are minimizing trips to Home Depot and only after getting approval from CM at job site
  • While on site for last day of project, verify COP deliverables (Sweeps, PIMs, Fiber Testing, Tape Drops, Post Azimuths, Post RETs and Final Photos) with foreman in preparation for submittal, including redlined CD/RFDS is completed. Ensure all out of scope items are filled out and ready to be delivered to PM for true-up.
  • Participate in interviewing, hiring, firing, writing-up, performing annual review, etc. of field personnel as needed.
  • Constant evaluation of crewman ready for more responsibility. Regular evaluation of crews determining who needs testing and other training to prevent liquidated damages.
  • X3’s project Safety Manager and Client liaison in all matters regarding safety on Active Construction sites. Attend client safety/quality meetings/calls and delivering information to teams and staff. Inform
  • Resource and Safety Manager immediately following any incident or new policy produced by customer regarding Safety.


No crews should ever “start” their day at the warehouse. If a foreman keeps the truck at the warehouse it is there for storage only. The day should never start there. The foreman should communication with the CM and PM what parts they need and that will be relayed to the WM the afternoon prior. The parts will be ordered/pulled, boxed and the WM or CM can put it in their truck the next morning or at a pre-planned meeting point. This is much more efficient and less expensive than crews starting at warehouse daily. This should always be the goal. CMs should reach out every couple of days to see what is needed on a foreman’s job site.