Job Description

Role Description

The role of the Project Manager (PM) is to act as the single point of contact for all client requirements and deliverables. The PMs role involves client RF Data Sheets, bid and stamped Construction drawings, bid notes, and various other customer build requirements. PMs are to ensure accuracy of materials, labor and overall costs to ensure X3 Gross Margins and Direct Project Costs (DPCs) are met. The PM reports to the MM.


  • Perform site walks for each job regardless of it being a competitive bid or direct award. Bid/scope job capturing all drivers, material, subcontractor and estimating labor needs in support of maximizing margins and minimizing costs.
  • Pre-approve all suppliers and subcontractors through corporate office prior to bid submittal to customer to prevent delays come time of construction.
  • Develop and submit all client estimates per schedule meeting the requirements of the RFQ/CDs/RFDS with appropriate format and presentation ensuring we capitalize on all out-of-scope/work authorizations needed for approval prior to start of project.
  • Track all bids through PO reception with customer contact to ensure schedules are kept.
  • Create X3 NTP and ensure client PO receipt and accuracy before CX start.
  • Upon reception of stamped drawings prior to Construction start, perform X3 Supplemental BOM for all material need required outside of customer supplied BOM. Ensure materials are not ordered until deemed necessary to watch project costs.
  • Compile and submit WA and revised estimate for new requirements per stamped drawings to customer.
  • Meets and communicates with CM on upcoming work schedule ensuring all needs are prepared i.e. previously submitted subs/suppliers have been approved, pre-ordered specialty parts are on schedule for delivery, X3 BOM has been received, etc.
  • Provide technical assistance to crewman ranging in scope and complexity of all estimate deliverables (inclusions/exclusions) to explanation of project assumptions.
  • Ensure all credit memo requests from client are legitimate and accurate before they are processed in accounting s/w. Coordinate with COP team to find missing deliverables, photos, and test results to negate credit memo requests.
  • Support CMs by performing Pre-Cons and acquisition of Building Permits whenever possible to ensure front end of schedule is prepared in time.
  • Perform all change orders and added Work Authorizations throughout job receiving information needed from CM/foreman and submitting to client PM for cost approval – ongoing. This should be performed as soon as additional scope is required.
  • Perform true-ups upon completion of construction.
  • Work in conjunction with market area experts in development of precise SOW in field, Site Audits, naming convention, and Close-Out package requirements
  • Back up other staff members including MM/CM, site visits, parts delivery, etc. as time permits.


  • Accountable to MM/RMM for complete and timely submittal of all client estimates while ensuring X3 gross margin is met (as needed)
  • Accountable to CM for communicating scope and technical clarifications to field crews as needed.
  • Accountable to MM to meet weekly/bi-weekly with customer managers to ensure acceptance of true-ups.
  • Accountable to MM by delivering results on WIP reports that demonstrate reason for success and failure of completed jobs.